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Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin

Draftsman - Painter

Artist Biography

Adam Franklin (b.1979) is a San Francisco based artist. He was born in Greensboro, North Carolina and briefly studied fine art at Guilford College under Roy Nydorf. It was at this time he was influenced by the experimental Black Mountain College and its history, feeling a deep connection to its avant-garde past. Relocating to San Francisco in 2011, Franklin has since worked and reworked drawings and paintings in the expressionist and surrealist mold. His paintings establish boundaries and then break them. Franklin enjoys active participation from the viewer, as in dance. His drawings are exercises of the subconscious, allowing for authentic imagery and deeply personal content.  He has long enjoyed artists who use their art to provoke, including De Kooning, Picasso, Goya, Daumier, Beckmann, Freud, Motherwell, and Duchamp. Franklin has an upcoming solo exhibition of selected paintings and drawings in San Francisco this year.

Artist Statement

By painting abstractly, I am able to establish my own boundaries and my own games with the viewer. It should allow for a closer inspection and a revelry in rule breaking. The courage to destroy is the foundation of my creative process. Artistic isolation has formed a link between my underlying psyche and the execution of each painting. It is for me, a way to work through memories and emotional stress of the past and present. The physical act of painting expressively is extremely personally rewarding. l use divergent strokes to work out the composition and work in layers establishing capricious narratives to engross the viewer. This gives my work a sheen of spontaneity, even though I may have drawn out the composition several times before mixing the paint.