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Francois Miglio



Artist Biography

François Miglio was born in Montpellier, in the Languedoc region of the south of France, in August 1958. His father was an officer in the French military. Between the ages of six and ten, the family lived at Rennes in Brittany, and then moved to Brussels, Belgium where the pre-teen François discovered both Flemish and surrealist art. After moving to the Rhone Valley near Valence, François began his formal study of agriculture, and immersed himself in the natural world by cycling alone in the French Alps and the Ardèche region. During this experience, Francois discovered Le Palais Idéal Du Facteur Cheval, which he considers one of the best examples of “Art Brut,” as described by Dubuffet, and to which he returned many times for inspiration.

In 1976, at the age of 18, François’s father accepted a new military posting at Sandhurst, the British Military Academy, where he was appointed as a professor. It was there, during family holiday's and over summer vacation that François developed a “political and social consciousness” while working as a laborer on the land estate of a member of the British Parliament.

After he completed his high school studies in agriculture, he reluctantly served eight months in the French military. Then, François undertook business studies, and worked at a pharmaceutical laboratory for eight years. He married at the age of 24, and is the father of two children, a daughter Laurence and son Hadrien.

In 1990, at the age of 32, François decided to devote his full energies to the pursuit of art and to the restoration of an historic 18th century house he had purchased in the city of Beziers, along the Canal du Midi, southwest of Montpellier.

During 1990 and 1993, he produced Cosmogony, which lead to the elaboration of his pictorial concept manifesto: The Fractal Syncretism.

In 1998 Francois made his first visit to the United States to pursue his artistic vision in the San Francisco Bay Area. He intuitively felt that the Bay Area represented a vast “open system” and would be receptive to new ideas, encourage entrepreneurial risk-taking  and would be compatible fit for him to practice and evolve as an artist.

Francois had two solo exhibitions, including lecture (about the Fractal Syncretism) at the International House of the University of California, Berkeley and a continuous two years solo exhibition at the Department of Economics at the same University (2002 – 2003). He has exhibited also at Stanford Art Spaces, Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University (2006). He gave two major lectures, at Sonoma State University (2006) and at the Science University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (2011).

Francois has also participated in solo and group exhibitions at the Vorpal Gallery, the Zen Center, at the New College in San Francisco and at the McCarthy Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During this same period, he also exhibited with Artship foundation in Oakland and in SomArts Cultural Center.

He has participated to the Biennale of San Francisco with Border Zone Art Foundation, at the Art Fair of Artenimes in France and in a Sony Tower Salon in Osaka in Japan. In 2011, he participated at the Art Fair of Beijing and exhibited at the gallery Li Xinhui of Nova Art Coordinates of Beijing.

Currently, Francois Miglio is living in Oakland, CA full time, where he works and promotes his pictorial concept of Fractal Syncretism.